Creative Vibes


Hello, people of the internet. It appears as if, once again, I have disappeared down a dark hole. However, unlike the infamous Alice, I have yet to find the Mad Hatter. I have, on the other hand, gone mad. Not literally, but the stress of senior year finally got to me last week. Most of my college apps were finally ready to be submitted, my classes are feeling more complex, and I started my school’s swim team. It’s been a lot. Not that I’m complaining, I’m definitely not complaining. In fact, ... ...Continue Reading

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Holiday Dresses


It’s hard to believe that another holiday season is amongst us. It seriously feels like I was just shoveling the snow off my sidewalk last week and like the red cups at Starbucks were just here. It’s so strange how days go by so slowly but when you stop and think about which month it actually is your mind gets uber confused and freaked out. I’m not the only one that thinks this, am I? Any way, since the holiday season is here it means that holiday parties are about to be taking over our ... ...Continue Reading

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the 1 tip you need to know about cashmere

the best cashmere tip

Finally it's fall, as in brrr... I can drink my homemade pumpkin spice lattés daily without funny looks because it was still 80 degrees outside, wear my boots, and pull on my fave cashmere sweaters. My confession is that although I can't wear wool (too itchy) and cotton doesn't keep me warm enough, I hesitated to wear my cashmere sweaters as often as I wanted. Why? Because cleaning them cost a fortune. Until I learned this tip! The trick: wash your own cashmere in special cashmere wash or ... ...Continue Reading

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