Happening Currently

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Whew… senior year has been a doozy. When I was a freshman, everyone told me that junior year was the worst, but I beg to differ, senior year has definitely been my hardest year yet. From keeping my grades from slipping, to college applications, to committing to a college, to not letting senioritis get the best of me I can confidently say this has been my hardest year. However, it’s also been the best. Weird how that works, right? I’ve done so many fun things, met so many awesome people, and to ... ...Continue Reading

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Internet Black Hole

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I have this whole week off from school. It’s like pre-spring break. The underclassmen have testing to do, so the Seniors don’t really have to come into school except if their AP classes have study sessions. I have three study sessions, one on Monday and two on Tuesday. They’re only an hour and a half long and one of the sessions on Tuesday is a pot luck brunch. Life isn’t so bad when a pot luck brunch is involved. A whole week off from school (basically) means that I have infinite time ... ...Continue Reading

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#ChicChat Recap | Number Two

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This past Tuesday’s #ChicChat was all about originality. There are so many new blogs sprouting and it’s hard to stay original and create original content. Because of that, we decided we all needed to share some advice and insight relating to originality. Here are some tweets that really stuck out — in the best way possible. Question One What are your initial thoughts on blogs and originality? “I think pretty much every blog has a lot of similarity. It’s passion and personality that sets ... ...Continue Reading

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