Apple, Brie, and Arugula Toast

brie/apple/arugula toast

I’m obsessed with cheese. It’s starting to become a problem.  When I order food at an Italian restaurant I always ask for parmesan cheese with a side of pasta. I don’t order “chips and queso” I order “queso and chips.” The first aisle I walk down in Costco is the cheese aisle because it’s simply the best. Embarrassingly enough, I sprinkle a little cheese on everything I eat; watermelon and feta do taste amazing together, I swear. Ever since I discovered brie though, I’ve ... ...Continue Reading

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Five Things I learned as a New York City intern

illustrated New York map

  picture via hey, hey, hey! Long time no talk, am I right? Well I'm back at it. Finally. Being a New York City intern is exhausting (and super amazing, educational, and fun at the same time) and I didn't have any time to blog. I'm writing this while sitting on my airplane on my way home from my month long adventure in New York City and I don't even know what to think. I had so much fun, got a little homesick, worked hard, and spent way too much money at way too many coffee shops. ... ...Continue Reading

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Smart Girls Conference Recap

smart girls conference

If you follow us on Twitter (if you don't, then go follow us!! you definitely want to join us for #ChicChat on Tuesdays at 9EST!) then you would know that last week I had the chance to attend the Smart Girls Conference in New York City. I was able to go on behalf of Dormify to help work the booth and spread the word about who we are (you know, the cutest college & dorm decor EVER!) and I also was able to hear the speakers, well, speak. There were some amazing people there, from Shiza Shahid, ... ...Continue Reading

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