DIY Necklace: T-Shirt Necklace

We’ve been spotting DIY necklaces all over Pinterest, and we simply adore a big statement necklace, especially a free one! We’ve even featured a very simple DIY necklace by Lisa, our Style Contributor, made from a tshirt. The t-shirt necklaces on Pinterest kept catching our eye, and we love up-cycling old jewelry or jeans, so when Erin made a t-shirt necklace and got compliments wearing it her first day, we knew we had to let you know how simple it was! We’d all been curious if it would an epic Pinterest tale, or just an epic fail. Judging by the “oohs” and “aahs” hers has elicited, we’d have to say… epic!

Don’t be fooled by the length of this story. It looks involved, but it’s simple. It’s a few steps, but an easy process. Seriously. We just wanted to make sure you had each and every step along the way!

tee shirt necklace

1. Gather your supplies: a tee-shirt and scissors.

Tee shirt necklace

2 & 3. Cut under the arms of the t-shirt.

T-shirt Necklace

4 & 5. Cut off the hem of the t-shirt.

T-shirt Necklace

T-shirt necklace

7-11. Cut strips across the t-shirt from side to side. Leave 1 inch at the side, making sure not to cut the seam. You are making loops!

tee shirt necklace

12-14: Grab each loop and PULL. The harder you pull, the longer your necklace will be.

tee shirt necklace

15. Your necklace. LOL. Well, it is, but you’ll make it prettier.

DIY Necklace

16-18: Take all the loops and gather them so that they make 1 big loop. 

DIY necklace

19. Take the remaining fabric and cut it into 3 different strips.
20. Lay the strips out in preparation to braid them.
21. Begin to braid the strips together, you may need to get a friend to hold one end.
22. Cut the excess fabric from the braid.
23. Wrap the braid around the part of your necklace that isn’t cut.
24. Make a knot to ensure your braided area won’t come undone.

DIY Necklace

25: The finished necklace. Wear and listen to compliments! And for more ideas, just search tee shirt necklaces on Pinterest! Enjoy!


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  • threeloudkids

    Love this! I did something similar for my daughter the other night, but I left the “seam” clear without the braids, I think I will go back and add them.

  • PopCosmo

    Might make a nice finish! Tag us on Instagram – dying to see it!