Valentine’s Love Song Playlist

Valentine's Day MusicWhether you have hearts over your head, an arrow in your butt, or you’re clutching a Voodoo doll of your ex in your hand, Valentine’s Day is upon us. For those of you dreading this day, don’t worry… the anti-Valentine’s Day playlist is for you. But for those who are in full-blown love, have a crush, want to be in love, etc., this love song playlist is for you. We love T-Swizzle as much as anyone else but for this love song playlist we decided to go with the not-so-obvious love songs. Some old, some newer, some quirky. All awesome.

The Lemon heads- The Outdoor Type
O.K. Lying is bad. But a guy who lies about being the outdoor type to get the girl? We forgive you.

Modern English- I Melt With You
He’ll stop the world? Make a pilgrimage? MELT? Just for a girl? Swoon.

Rachel Platten- 1000 Ships
What would you do for love? Don’t let that someone miss their cue… get your message through!

The White Stripes- We Are Gonna Be Friends
Playground romance is adorable. Jack White is hot.

Peter Gabriel- In Your Eyes
You really need to watch the movie “Say Anything” to get the full effect of this one but here is a teaser (wait for it….)

And if those are not enough to give you googly eyes, these should do the trick…
Never Shout Never – Trouble
Taylor Swift – Ours
The Ready Set – Love Like Woe
Dixie Chicks- Cowboy Take Me Away
Mazzy Star – Fade Into You
Deanna Carter-Strawberry Wine
The Flaming Lips- When You Smile
The Cure – Just Like Heaven
Trisha Yearwood- She’s in Love With the Boy
The Sundays- Wild Horses  (Rolling Stones Cover)
Kid Rock- Lonely Road of Faith
Owl City- I’ll Meet You There
Neutral Milk Hotel- In an Aeroplane Over the Sea
Pete Townsend- Let My Love Open the Door
Outkast- Prototype

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